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Foldable maxi caravans





             Foldable (expandable) maxi caravans are mobile homes, which can be transported in a folded state and thus, are not considered as oversized cargo. This significantly cuts cost for transportations as compared to regular mobile homes. After expanding, the width is 4.4 m. which is wider than all other types of maxi caravans.


             They can be used as houses, villas, small restaurants (fast food parlors) or markets. For holiday resorts, temporary settlements for construction workers, loggers, miners etc. For temporary disaster management centers and other sites outside regular settlemens.


dolomiti 1


               The houses built for villas are equipped with all installations and fully furnished bath, bedrooms, living room and kitchen. The heating is with AC’s, convectors or indoor fireplace. The inner and outer lining of the floor, walls and roof are made of wood, crafted and colored according to customer taste. The floor, walls and roof are equipped with 8 cm. isolation.

          After unfolding (expanding), the width of the house is 4.4 m. With an expandable terrace, the overall width can be up to 7 m.










       In a folded (transportable) state the width is 2.5 m. which allows the house to be easily moved with different types of transportation (automobile, train, ship).






             The house is delivered in a ready to use state and no additional construction is necessary. It is planted on pylon blocks equipped with leveling screws. Folding and unfolding is made easy with a special tool that comes with the house.

            The house is 4.4 wide and 6 to 12 m. long with area of 26 to 45 sq. m. Optionally, it can be equipped with a foldable terrace up to the length of the house and width up to 2.7 m. The terrace comes with a wooden grille floor and can be covered with a steel or vinyl roof, as well as additionally mounted windproof vinyl drapes. 



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