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Foldable homes

         SAM 2944s 


         SAM 2517s


         solun 600x360


                The foldable homes are mobile houses that can be used for villas, as movable offices for institutions, for feeding or shops, for staff by building of holiday or industrial settlements, logging , mining campaigns, for building impermanent rulings points , in areas with obstructions , etc..They are different types of houses ,used in dependence of largeness and function : Houses only as bedroom suites, for sanitary aims (for ex. toilets, or/and automatic washers), houses for parties and games, houses for feeding, shops and different administrative services.The foldable homes are built with all facilities for a villa. There are equipped bathroom,kitchen corner, WC and boiler. The warming is with air conditions or convectors . The outside and inner coating is with wood material in the walls, the floor and the roof . All walls are build with thermal insulation with thickness of 8 cm. In folded - up (transportation ) form, the weight of the homes is 2, 5 М . - this gives the opportunity to be ferried easily with different vehicles (cars,trucks, trains and ships). The houses are also very easy for installation in any place.

                 Dimension:           width from 6 to 7 m.

                                            height 3 м. 

                                            lenght from 6 tо 12 м. 

                                            aria from 36  square мeters. 


                                                         ARIA /sq.m./












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