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Mobile homes

Why mobile homes?

The mobile home is the fastest, the cheapest and the easiest  way to acquire your own comfortable, wholly equipped and furnished house, ready for living. You don’t need a building permit, a design visa, etc., as the prefabricated mobile home is attached upon  a permanent chassis with wheels. It is thus not necessary to prepare a foundation; in other words,  at the place where you put the mobile home you don’t build anything. The mobile home is 100% ecological not only because the materials it is made of are enviromentally friendly and can be recycled, but also because putting it on the site doesn’t harm in any way the nature and the environment. Thanks to this the mobile home can be put (in a similar way to the caravans) everywhere: near the beach, in the mountains, in protected zones (like Natura 2000), reserves, camps, farms, hunting grounds, on unregulated plots, etc. All these characteristics make of the mobile home a unique and very attractive product. For example, in Europe are sold annually as many as 30 000 mobile homes – mainly to campsites and individuals -, and the production growth rate is 15 %.




Plans and interior furnishing – see the description of the different models maxi caravans.

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