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The advantages of the maxi caravan:

The maxi caravan is a mobile house primarily suitable for seasonal use. It can be made in different lengths and widths, with a different number of rooms, and with or without a bathroom and kitchen. Building permit, as well as a foundation, are not needed for the maxicaravan. The house is placed either on ground anchors, on concrete blocks, or on an axle with wheels. Its structure is made out of steel hollow sections. The floor is 8 cm thick and covered with wooden flooring. The walls are lined on the inside with softwood paneling and on the outside with vinyl siding. The roof is 8 cm thick and it is covered either with steel tiles or with  LT sheets with a polyester coating. The ceiling of the house is made of softwood paneling. A custom project is prepared for each mobile house, which determines the distribution of the rooms, their dimensions, the size and the type of the windows, colors, and furniture. The mobile house is ready for use right after it’s delivery. It is 100% eco-friendly not only because the materials it is made of are environmentally friendly and can be recycled, but also because its placement on the site does not harm nature and the environment in any way. These advantages allow the mobile home to be placed (similar to a caravan) anywhere: near the beach, in the mountains, in protected areas (such as Natura 2000), reserves, camps, farms, hunting fields, on unregulated plots of land, etc.

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