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The starting price of the foldable house is approximately 1100 BGN per sq.m. and it includes:

  • Walls with thickness of 76mm. made of wooden sandwich panels with softwood paneling on both sides.
  • Floors with thickness of 100 mm. covered with softwood flooring. Thermal insulation with mineral wool and galvanized sheet metal underneath.
  • Ceiling made of softwood paneling with thermal insulation 100 mm thick.
  • Roof covered with LT sheet metal with polyester coating.
  • Windows with PVC joinery in white.
  • Electrical and water sewage systems installations hidden in the walls.
  • Fully furnished bathroom.

The advantages of the foldable homes:

The foldable homes are mobile homes that can be used for year-round living and for villas, but also for small restaurants or shops. They also can be used for the construction of holiday villages, temporary settlements in construction, logging, mining, etc., or impermanent control stations in case of disasters and accidents. The mobile homes are built with all installations. They have a furnished bathroom and kitchen and are provided with a water heater. At the request of the client, the mobile homes can be made with interior furnishings. The mobile houses are heated with air conditioners or convector heaters. In some models, a fireplace is a possible option. The external and internal panelling of mobile homes is made of softwood. The walls, floors and, ceilings are insulated. A custom project is prepared for each mobile house, which determines the distribution of the rooms, their dimensions, the size and the type of the windows,colors, and furniture. In folded (transport) form their width is 2.5 m. This makes it possible to transport them easily on different vehicles (cars, trains, and ships). The mobile houses are delivered completely finished and no construction work is carried out on site. They are either placed on ground anchors or on mobile concrete blocks. The installation of the mobile home takes 2-3 days and then it is handover for use. It is necessary to have a sewer, water, and electricity supply on the site where the house will be placed. This can also be done after the installation. The foldable homes are 6 m. and 6.6 m. wide, 6 to 12 m. long, and 36 to 80 sq. m. in area.

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